Compact Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)  (Lemy series)


Emitter Schottky (Zr/0/W)
Accelerating voltage 1kv – 15kv (Continuously variable)
Magnification x500,000
Column size Height: 250mm, Diameter:100mm
Material analysis EDS System (Option)
Evacuation Dry system


(*) The chamber and specimen stage can be designed to meet the purpose.


Ion pump (LeIP-10)


Pumping speed 6,5 l/s
Pump size 67(W) x 63(D) x 130(H) mm
Inlet flange DN40-CF
Weight 2.4 kg


Optical Microscope for Vacuum Chamber (LeMS-10)

(Applying the patent)

– Capable to observe the irradiation point by charged particle
– Bright view by illumination inside the chamber
– Several 10s to 100s magnification (depend on specification)

Related part

– Test chip for electron beam evaluation

Design Tool

– Charged particle optics design tool (MEBS agent in Japan)


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